Friday, June 18, 2010

El Camino Del Norte

My husband, Mac and I took nice week roadtrip to northern California. Aside from coming down with a cold at the beginning I had the best time finding amazing goodies for all of you!
Here is the mass of great things I retrieved.

This is a picture of my space in Newport Antique center (OB)

This is my vignettes space after my trip. The cubbies, and pink iron bed have already gone to a good home!
I found some real hidden treasures up north and an insane new source for everything from large structural pieces to little glass floats. Best of all we got to visit my sister-in-law who we don't get to see nearly enough.


  1. Wow that looks nice Robin. I am going to have to come see your space. Looks like you found some treasures.

  2. Hi ! stephanie, we had so much fun and found great the people in the small towns up north..Lets get together next week .What days work for you?

  3. Robin,
    Your blog is fabulous!
    Good luck at the Urban Barn this weekend. I'll probably see you there!

  4. I love you booth! So many things I love!