Friday, June 25, 2010

Drift away...

Drift wood is something that has always amazed me. The way in which wood tumbling along rocks, rough shores, and pounding waves comes out so soft, aged and beautiful. On my latest trip up the coast I collected as much as I could find. Not knowing exactly at the time what would come of it all. When I arrived home I came up with the idea to make drift wood crosses.
I feel as though they came out slightly rustic, very chic and the perfect piece to mix into a mantle decor, pottery collection or even a garden piece.


  1. Thanks for the comment about the dress form.
    Love the crosses. I agree, driftwood is so beautiful!
    Have you seen the Christmas trees made out of driftwood?
    Love the bottles in your header too!
    Very cool!!!

  2. I love your driftwood crosses. A couple of ladies salvage driftwood from one of the large rivers in Minnesota and have started a business just selling these. They were in a show I was also vendoring at, and had some cool stuff. You are only the 2nd time I've seen this, but I'm sure it will take off.
    Have you seen the driftwood pieces cut out to hold tea lights as a mantle or coffee table candle piece? The gal used a much larger piece and a hole saw attachment to cut out the circles for the tea lights and uses the metal encased ones. Very cool too.