Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mammoth to San Diego and all the treasures along the way.

I had a 400 mile drive ahead of me...more like a 400 mile treasure hunt. After visiting my son in Mammoth I spent a day slowly antiquing home.
First stop...Bishop CA. The store...Cobwebs. After shopping this unique and bustling antique store the owner Kathy invited me to head over to her ranch and dig through her sheds. I had an amazing time.
After a few more stops along the way I landed at the Salvation Army in Riverside where I found a ton of smalls.
Here are the photos of all my goods lined up in the driveway.
and here are all my goods set up in
Vignettes OB

This lantern I made of an old birdcage, lined it and added a light.

best of all we can't forget this cute guy




  1. Hi Robin, I so wanted that green, chippy cabinet when I saw it. I'm so glad you let me know that was your booth. You have a beautiful space.

  2. Oh Miss Robin - What an eye you have for knowing exactly what women want!
    These items are fabulous & I think most of them sold within a day!
    Can another road trip be far behind?
    You are amazing!

  3. Thanks ladies. Lisa when a brought that hutch home I had no idea that after some sanding I would find this beautiful combo of colors. It would be in my home if I had a place for it...I hope to meet you some day in person..